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C-U Tuesday


Donations & Charitable Giving

Looking for financial support or a donation to your charity? Consider booking a "C -U Tuesday" to allow us to help support your fundraising efforts.

How C-U Tuesday works:

Contact us here at Katie's Ice Cream to set a date for your fundraising event. 

On that Tuesday evening between 5:00 PM and closing time, we'll track all the scooped ice cream sales for those customers that identified with your fundraiser and give $1.00 for each item. Bring in 50 people to buy ice cream and that could bring $50 to your charity. 

Imagine, eating ice cream for a good cause? How fun is that! 

C- U Tuesday (See You Tuesday) is to help communicate that we host fundraiser on Tuesday evenings with the "C" standing for Charity and the "U" for unity. We can come together for your cause over ice cream.