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Who's Katie?

She's the youngest of our family and you can find her sampling fudge when she's not at school. Her brothers are more likely to be scooping ice cream and keeping the place clean along with the other great teens that work at Katie's Ice Cream. Of course, Tom and Lisa are the "Mom and Pop" behind this family business and they make the ice cream, fudge and candy at Katie's Ice Cream.

Who's Granny Lay?

Granny Lay is Katie's grandmother (Tom's Mom). Our family's Tennessee roots go back to Campbell County and that area along the Kentucky border to before Tennessee was a state. We're very grateful to the Lay Family Genealogical Association and the work that they do. They've helped us to connect with a lot of our Tennessee history. Our Granny Lay's logo is Tom's Mom.

Why Dickson? Is this a chain?

Well, when we decided to start an independent ice cream shop we knew we wanted it to be something special. How many ice cream shops make their own ice cream AND have a children's playground? Based on the size of that investment and the nature of the ice cream business, it made Dickson a great fit. 

We LOVE Dickson and the wonderful customers that walk through our doors!

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Depends on who you ask and what day it is! Seriously though, we suggest trying our Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It's a great combination of flavors and something our ice cream maker, Tom discovered in his New Zealand travels.

Who made your neon sign?

Actually, our sign is LED. It looks just like neon but it's so much better in terms of reliability and cost to operate. It's made by INCISEON® - We love it!

How long have you been making ice cream?

Tom answers that question like this... a long time in small quantities but in the volumes that we make here at Katie's Ice Cream... that's a newer thing. :) 

Do you have a party space that we can reserve for our child's birthday?

We're honored that folks choose to celebrate all sorts of occasions, from birthdays, to first dates, to anniversaries here at Katie's Ice Cream. Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated space that we can reserve for private functions.    

How come you don't have..." " ?

We've put a lot of thought into creating great ice cream to be enjoyed in a unique and family-friendly environment. We believe if we made it like the big chains and corporate franchise units our place would be less special. For those reasons you might find us not having everything you expect but you will find the #BestIceCreamAround 

Do you have non-dairy frozen desserts?

Yes, we make Italian ice which contains no dairy products and our Soy frozen dessert flavors are also dairy free. Of the 32 flavors offered, we try to keep at least 3 or 4 non-dairy options

Do you have sugar free ice cream?

We offer no sugar added ice cream (NSA). There are no true sugar "free" ice creams since dairy naturally contains lactose. Our no sugar added ice cream is a true premium ice cream made with sugar alcohols to reduce the amount of sugar down to about 1/4 of the sugar found in our "regular", full sugar premium ice creams. Please note that we are currently using a custard type ice cream that contains some egg.