Dickson, Tennessee


Homemade Ice Cream

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy


We make the BEST ice cream! 

From unique flavors like our Orange Chocolate Chip made with 14% Butterfat to classics like our Madagascar Vanilla, you'll love our 32 flavors of premium ice cream!

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy


We also make No Sugar Added Ice Cream! Looking for Soy Ice Cream or other non-dairy desserts like Italian Ice? We've got that too!

Folks LOVE Our Ice Cream!

No Sugar Added & Non-Dairy

Granny Lay's Homemade Fudge


We opened the doors for business in April 2019. Since then, we've had the great pleasure of serving thousands of customers our delicious homemade ice cream, homemade fudge and fresh brewed Frothy Monkey coffee. 

If you haven't experienced Katie's yet 

you're missing out!

Granny Lay's Homemade Fudge

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio

Granny Lay's Homemade Fudge


Love fudge? We do too! 

Don't forget to buy a piece for someone special - or treat yourself!

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio


With our commercial grade playground and ample outdoor seating, we're the perfect place to meet family and friends to catch-up over ice cream or coffee. 

Slow down, enjoy our patio and SMILE!

FAQs about Katie's Ice Cream

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio

Parents & Kids Love Our Patio


Maybe you have a question? 

Maybe we have the answer! 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page

About Us


Who We Are

We are passionate for handcrafted ice cream! 

But it's also about having a special place to enjoy a great cone or cup... that's why Katie's Ice Cream has lots of indoor and outdoor seating. 

Plan on visiting historic Downtown Dickson and enjoying a treat with family and friends. We hope you come check out our little family business in Dickson, Tennessee 


Our Flavors

There's something very special about fresh made, handcrafted ice cream. With loads of your favorite flavors and daring new flavors there's always something for YOU at Katie's Ice Cream.


Come See Us in Historic Downtown Dickson

106 Church Street

Dickson, TN 37055

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